That video of me going around…


So, yeah. About that video…

I made a comprehensive tutorial of stretches.

It’s called: “How to Relieve Pain in the Neck & Shoulders Due to Hours in the Car or In Front of a Computer.  Catchy, I know.


I made it at the request of a regular client turned friend.

As an engineer, she has developed chronic pain in the shoulders and stiffness in the neck – especially her right dominate side – from long hours spent in front of the computer.

We began working with a series of stretches to help alleviate the pain and begin to make space in the areas that surround the first rib.


She found the stretches effective and needed something to help remember the work we did during her appointment for her home practice.

So, I recorded the video after teaching one of my yoga classes.

What’s in the Video Tutorial?


It’s a comprehensive guide to shoulder and neck stretches that help to relieve joint pain and muscle stiffness often experienced after prolonged computer usage, extended airplane travel and/or automobile commuting.

It’s also part fun!

It’s set to two of my favorite AfroBeat songs that I couldn’t help dancing to.



I included 4 stretches that can be done at the home or office as a break from deskwork and one Yin Yoga stretch designed to provide a trigger point pressure to the rhomboids and assist in the opening of the shoulders.

These stretches can be done in the office by a wall or at home.

After a couple of weeks, she came back with glowing reviews of the video tutorial.

So, I thought it would be a great idea to share the tutorial with you!


It really doesn’t matter where you do these stretches…

Just make sure to do them regularly to experience the truly beneficial results.

Also, feel free to share the tutorial with your friends, co-workers & family.

*This tutorial is 12 minutes in length.*

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