I’m off to Peru!



The-Peruvian-AmazonThanks to all of you who dropped in with a “Hello”, booked sessions & purchased package specials.


Because of you, I got to enjoy a busy medicated week! 🙂

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47970_3UPDATE: In a few days, I’ll be in the Peruvian Amazon with a group of 23 researchers, doctors, psychologists, ethnobotanists & herbalist under a Cosmic Sister grant funded by the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies.


As many of you already know, that I have a bunch of certifications and years of experience with the human body & preventative holistic routes to health.

I have a degree in Health Science with a strong emphasis in Biomedical Sciences and that I am a certified Yoga instructor, meditation leader and pharmacy technician.



Well, in a few days, I’ll continue my study and delving into indigenous plant medicines with educators and shamen from the Shipibo Indian tribe living in the Amazon Basin in Peru.

They are a shamanically based people, deeply influenced by the power of the plants, animals and natural elements.


Through this educational experience, I hope to learn more about plant healing and non-chemical/toxic & effective natural skin & health remedies.


I’m very excited to bring all that I learn to my handcrafted products.


I will also be participating in traditional healing ceremonies and journaling as part of my grant fulfillment.  Be sure to follow me on social media (@chloemassagespa) to get updates on my Amazonian adventure.


I hope to learn a lot & bring back plenty of knowledge to share. 🙂

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