Do you need a Rehabilitation Massage?

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What is Rehabilitative Massage & Stretch Therapy?

What the difference is between a ‘regular’ massage and a ‘clinical’ or ‘rehab’ massage?

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Especially with the frequency of cheap massage parlours on every corner.



The answer lies on why you need a massage.

If you get massages because you enjoy receiving them and don’t necessarily have a chronic injury or problem area, then you’ve been enjoying “regular” massage appointments.


Sessions where healing touch is applied at a medium to light pressure with your relaxation is the focus.  I love giving and recieving those!

Love is not cheap

However, if there is a chronic injury or if you are recovering from an acute injury, scheduling a session with a massage therapist who is experienced with clinical (or rehabilitation) massage therapy training and experience.


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Clinical massage therapy (or rehabilitation massage therapy) is a site-specific treatment with a precise goals or outcomes in mind.

My sessions also can include passive Thai & Yogic stretches, energy healing and meditative breathing techniques.

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Similar to physical therapy, you would go to a clinical massage therapist with a specific complaint that you would like treated.

And there are great benefits to seeing the same licensed massage therapist regularly.


Before your first session, there are a LOT of questions to make sure your past/current injuries, major trouble areas and your last massage experience has been shared before I even get hands on you.

We want to be clear about your goals here.  Whether it’s to decrease shoulder pain or run a marathon in six weeks.


This will help any clinical massage therapists work with you on developing a clear plan of care, recommend an effective frequency of treatment, offer advice on what to do outside of the massage sessions, as well as provide referrals as needed.



A clinical massage therapist will also have the insight to know when an injury or condition is outside of their scope of practice.

If you have any questions on what type of massage therapy you need, feel free to comment below, email, text or call me.


I’d be happy to help you if I can or help guide you toward the treatment you need.


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