Most people wait for PAIN before seeking CARE. That’s a mistake.


Most people don’t think of making an appointment until they are in some form of pain or discomfort.

This makes seeing real integral changes difficult because the focus is moving away from the immediate pain.


Fascia, the stuff good knots are made of!

Regular massage therapy helps to keep the body in a state where tightness, adhesions and stress won’t find a home in your most used joint.
For those of us that work out regularly, a consistent massage schedule helps the muscles release the toxins brought on by the stress of strength training.
Lactic Acid is irradiated quicker, lessening the soreness experienced post workout.  Office workers with stiff necks & shoulders benefit from a regular massage schedule.
It helps to mobilize parts of the body held stagnant from repetitive use in an unnatural position (even standing desks wreak havoc on the spine!).
Stop putting off your health & well being any longer!
There’s no need to endure the pain or continue suffering in silence.
Get on a consistent massage schedule to support your life and all it’s stresses.
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